Make Your Kitchen More Modern With These Changes

If you didn't have your home custom-built for you, over time you might start to make changes to make the place more modern and stylish. You may want to make a number of changes in the kitchen, for example, because you likely spend a lot of time in that room preparing meals from day to day. Here are some modernizing changes you can make when you decide to start doing kitchen renovations.

Switch Out Wood Countertop for Laminate

When you moved into your house, you might have liked the idea of wood countertops. However, over time, you may notice that it stains easily in spots, and parts of it may be showing signs of warping or rotting after years of exposure to water and food.

To change this, switch out wood for a laminate countertop. Laminate countertops are typically easier to clean and won't rot or warp. You can also select from a variety of stylish choices; if you like how wood looks, you can choose one that looks like wood or choose a countertop that looks like marble instead.

Replace Drop-in Sink with Undermount Version

The sink is easy to overlook, but there have likely been many times when you've had to clean the outside crevices of your drop-in sink because food, dish soap or debris get stuck there when you wipe down your countertop.

To get rid of that extra job, replace your drop-in sink with a sink that is mounted on the underside of your countertop. Undermount sinks can be steel or acrylic and allow you to wipe anything right into the sink in one smooth motion. Undermount sinks also tend to look sleeker and more modern than drop-in sinks with lips because the effect is one of a cleaner, smoother countertop.

Choose Recessed Lighting

Many families walk into the kitchen to find a single light fixture in the middle of the kitchen; sometimes there is a ceiling fan that is hard to reach. This is an outdated look, and if dust is collecting on the ceiling fan blades, it can be a dirty look as well.

Getting rid of that single light fixture and putting in recessed lighting fixtures can help clean things up and give your kitchen an updated look. It can also provide better light for the cooking work you do on the countertops, and if you acquire a dimmer, you can turn the lights down low for special occasions.

Change Knobs and Drawer Pulls

Even though you use them everyday, it is easy to forget about cabinet knobs when renovating your kitchen. You might not be able to afford brand new cabinets for your kitchen, you might be able to switch out wood knobs for sleeker metal ones. New knobs can contribute to the overall modern look you're going for.

Making these modern changes to your kitchen help the entire room look more stylish and updated. Consult your local contractor, such as those at Plastic Line Mfg Inc, for additional suggestions for changes you can make within your budget.