Plan A Functional Bathroom Design

Durability, privacy, and ease of access are three attributes to focus on when planning a functional bathroom design. Use the tips below to prepare a layout that is supportive of how your family will be using the bathroom.

Wet And Dry Spaces

When drawing up the plans, separate wet and dry spaces. Designate wet spaces for the shower stall, bathtub, and sink. Have separate dry spaces for the changing area, vanity, decorative shelving, and storage. By keeping the wet and dry features apart, you will ultimately limit the amount of moisture that is spread within the bathroom.

Think about the moisture issues that you currently contend with. If moisture has peeled wallpaper or affected the appearance of painted walls or flooring materials, the addition of splash guards will protect surface materials from water that escapes the confines of the shower stall or tub. 


If you and your spouse or your children tend to use the bathroom at the same time, increasing the privacy level within the room may be desired. Plan on having the toilet set up in the back of the room.

Add a privacy curtain or partition wall to your design plans. Either of these features will create an intimate setting that will allow two people to share the bathroom space, without being within view of one another.

Ease Of Access

Ease of access will allow you and your family to utilize the space in a timely manner. If you have a schedule that requires each family member to quickly get ready in the morning, providing the bathroom with accessibility is a must.

Think about the obstacles you and your family currently face. If there are a lot of hygiene products and styling aids taking up a lot of space on the counters or sink, for instance, adding a new shelving unit or storage cabinets can help you organize the space.

A racking system can also aid with keeping the space organized, supplying each of your family members with adequate space to store towels, clothing, and other essentials needed when the bathroom is occupied.


Decorative accents can be used to promote a specific theme in the bathroom. Wall art, statues, and potted foliage can tie a specific design element together. Once you have chosen the fixtures and other materials that will be used to upgrade the bathroom, select accent materials that will mesh well with the new items that you are using to upgrade the room.

To get started, contact a bathroom design service in your area.