Unique Window Treatments For Unique Windows

If you have unique-shaped windows in your home and would like to cover them with unusual window treatments, you have several options. Most windows are covered by shutters, blinds, shades, drapes, or curtains that are custom designed and created to conceal a specific window in a specific location. The following window treatments offer additional ways to cover your windows to give your home a truly distinctive look: 

  • Wooden Window Slide - Wooden slides made out of exotic wood or weathered barn wood can be hung on extended window rods that are installed above a round, triangular, polygon, or other non-standard shaped window. These slides can be custom made to cover the exact shape of your window. When desired, these wooden slides can be pushed away from the window to cover the wall space next to the window. The advantage of these wood slides is that they completely block the entire window when placed into position giving your room total privacy. If used during the day, the wooden window slide can block all light from entering the room.  
  • Stained Glass Window Slide - Much the same as the wooden window slide, a stained glass window slide can be installed over your window on an extended window rod and pushed away from the window when not needed. Because stained glass is composed of an iron framework that holds the colored glass in position, it can give you almost complete privacy when moved into position over your window. The stained glass also allows colored light to enter the room and create attractive patterns on your walls and floors. 
  • Potted Plants Window Shade - Rows of potted plants can be placed within holes on horizontal wooden boards to cover a window. A drip watering system can be installed that connects to each potted plant so that there is no maintenance to keep the plants healthy and growing. If a plant needs to be replaced, it can be lifted out of its hole in the wooden board, repotted with a new plant, and returned to its place. This system covers the entire window and allows dappled sunlight to enter the room during the day. As the plants grow bigger and hang down around their pots, they can offer more privacy. This system is good for a south-facing window that receives a maximum amount of sunlight. 
  • Decorative Iron Sculpture Grading - This window treatment can be custom shaped to fit a unique window and permanently bolted onto the exterior or interior casing of your window. You can choose natural floral shapes and designs that resemble a growing tree or plant or geometric shapes such as circles, squares, triangles, other traditional shapes. You can also choose an art deco pattern or another historical pattern to complement the decor of your home and furniture. If used on a single-story residence and mounted on the exterior of your window, plants can be allowed to grow up from the ground and latch onto the pieces of decorative iron to shield the window from sunlight, give more privacy, and offer additional security from intruders. 

A truly unique home can benefit from unusual and distinctive window treatments. With some ingenuity and research, you can install window treatments that reflect your individual taste and design esthetic to make your home as individual as you are. For more information, check out a company like Sav-Mor Upholstery.