Showing off Your Children's Photos with Help from Interesting Frames

If you have children, chances are you take several photographs of them to remember important holidays and milestones. Many rely on the use of digital devices or cameras to capture images of their youngsters. Hard copies can then be printed at a local picture processing service or via a home printer. Displaying these photos prominently in the home will be sure to gain attention from all who visit. Here are a few ways to make photographs stand out a bit more with unique custom picture frames sure be conversation pieces within the home.

Use a Shadow Box to Add to the Image

A shadow box can double as a unique frame to hold pictures of your children. Remove the glass front of a shadow box so you have access to the interior portion. Secure a photograph to the backing of the shadow box with double-sided tape so it does not shift around after the box is reassembled. Glue small trinkets that correspond with the photograph you have inserted. For example, a photograph of your child engaging in a sports activity, can be accompanied by small trophies, ribbons, or a ball, hockey puck, or pair of swimming goggles depending on the sport. A photograph of your child as a baby can be surrounded with a hospital bracelet, pacifier, and rattle.

Allow Your Child to Decorate the Frame

One great way to get your child involved in the displaying of their photographs is letting them help with the decorating of the frames you use. Consider allowing your child to paint a wooden frame with colorful paint. They can use their favorite hues to show off their photograph in an interesting way. Pom-poms, wiggle eyes, stickers, foam cut outs, piece of felt, and feathers can also be glued to a frame to give it a personalized appearance.

Use Smaller Photos to Highlight a Larger One

A great way to bring attention to a photo in a frame is to add smaller photos directly to the frame itself in a collage style. Instead of using glossy photos, print some of your favorites on card stock with help from your home printer. Cut out the important parts of the photos to be applied to the frame in a haphazard fashion. Use glue to affix the photographs to the frame. Wait for the glue to dry before adding a coating of polyurethane over the pictures. This will give the frame a shine and will protect the pictures from peeling away from the frame.