Should You Remodel Everything Or Tackle It Piecemeal?

Do you want to remodel several rooms — or more — in your home? If so, you have the choice between remodeling them all at once or separately. Should you commit to a whole-house remodel or take it piecemeal? The answer depends on your priorities. Here are five suggestions based on the most common remodeling priorities. 

1. Money Savings. In general, bundling many smaller remodeling projects into one big one is the best way to save money. Materials can be purchased in bulk, work is done more efficiently, and it's easier to strategize for time and cost savings. 

2. Time Investment. Do you want to be committed to remodeling for the least amount of time? Then tie it all into one and get it done. Contractors generally commit more labor to large projects, meaning there are fewer delays. You can also store up materials so everything is ready to go when work begins. 

3. Using Your Home. Unfortunately, the whole home remodel will take up more of your home at the same time. You may not even be able to feasibly live there for a period. For busy families or work-at-home professionals, this may not be appealing. However, when you remodel one room at a time, you still have the run of the rest of the house and fewer daily interruptions. 

4. Cohesive Design. Do you want to create just one interior design style throughout the renovated spaces? It's easier to develop a cohesive look when you do multiple rooms at once. If you separate the project, you may run out of material or be unable to locate the same patterns for later projects. However, if remodeling very different spaces, such as the kitchen and master suite, this may not be a big concern. 

5. Commitment. Committing to a full house renovation is a big deal. Homeowners may hesitate due to the cost, disruption of their lives, or inability to settle on designs. If you have trouble committing to upgrading your home all at once, piecemeal work may be right for you. Dip your toes in with a smaller room or prioritize one important room (such as the kitchen) in case you don't want to commit any further. 

Which of these common goals is your priority concern? Whether you want to save time, money, or stress, there is a path forward for you. Start by learning more about both whole home and individual remodel projects by meeting with a home remodeling professional in your area today.  

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