Plan A Functional Bathroom Design

Durability, privacy, and ease of access are three attributes to focus on when planning a functional bathroom design. Use the tips below to prepare a layout that is supportive of how your family will be using the bathroom. Wet And Dry Spaces When drawing up the plans, separate wet and dry spaces. Designate wet spaces for the shower stall, bathtub, and sink. Have separate dry spaces for the changing area, vanity, decorative shelving, and storage. [Read More]

Should You Remodel Everything Or Tackle It Piecemeal?

Do you want to remodel several rooms — or more — in your home? If so, you have the choice between remodeling them all at once or separately. Should you commit to a whole-house remodel or take it piecemeal? The answer depends on your priorities. Here are five suggestions based on the most common remodeling priorities.  1. Money Savings. In general, bundling many smaller remodeling projects into one big one is the best way to save money. [Read More]

Vinyl Fencing: The Obvious Choice For Your New Fence

As much as you probably focus on making your home's interior design theme the best it can be, you shouldn't forget about the outside sections of your property. A new vinyl fence can be the perfect addition to your property and offer you greater privacy and better protection of your property. Whether you need a fence that surrounds your premises or just a small section of your yard, you can easily get the right amount of fence that you need when you choose vinyl fencing. [Read More]

5 Tips For Great Hallway Design In Your Home Plan

Hallways aren't something most people give much thought to. They either exist or they don't. But how you design the hallways in your new custom home will either make them useful and pleasant additions or allow them to damage your overall floor plan. Here are five tips to ensure it's the former.  1. Minimize Hallways. The first thing to keep in mind in hallway design is that hallways are often underused spaces in the home. [Read More]