Wallpaper Wisdom: Tips For Choosing The Right Wallpaper For Your Home Office

With many people continuing to work remotely, the home office is getting plenty of attention in interior design. One of the easiest ways to dress up your at-home workspace is to wallpaper the entire area or at least one accent wall in an inspiring design or color. Following a few tips will give you all the wallpaper wisdom you need to transform your office into a work of art.

Location matters

Where your office is located is one of the most important things to consider when choosing wallpaper. If your office is a separate room, your options are unlimited. However, if your office adjoins another living space, such as a den or family room, you will need to take the color scheme of that area into consideration.

For instance, if your office adjoins a rustic den, choosing a bold geometric pattern for your wallpaper will be a distraction and upset the balance of the area. Choose patterns and colors to complement existing areas for best results.

Professional pointers

How your home office is used and what your profession is are other things to consider. If your home office doubles as a home school classroom, you should choose wallpaper that is playful and attractive for both kids and adults. Likewise, if you share an office space with a partner, you should use a combination of styles and colors that both parties enjoy.

Let your profession dictate your wallpaper choice. A graphic designer can show off their creative style by choosing wallpaper in unique shapes and unique colors. Someone who works in the healthcare industry may want to choose a green-themed wallpaper that represents wellness.

Color considerations

Bright white wallpaper is best left out of the home office, as it can appear too stark, does not stimulate the senses, and can make a workspace appear dull and boring. Even too much gray or beige can pull the mood of a room down. If you like neutral colors, consider wallpapering at least one accent wall in a cheerful color or inspiring design.

Choose printed wallpapers that contain green if you want energy in your office. Blue is a great choice if you prefer a serene and calming effect. Yellow is a fun choice for bringing optimism into the home office.

If your home workspace is suffering from a bit of boredom, wallpaper is a great option for breathing fresh life into the office. From interesting prints to textured solids, almost anyone can find a wallpaper that suits their personality. As a refreshing change from paint, wallpaper products will not disappoint when it comes to office design and style.