Quartzite Countertops Are A Beautiful And Durable Choice For Your Kitchen

If you're comparing kitchen countertop materials, don't overlook quartzite. While granite, quartz, and marble are common selections, quartzite countertops have some nice benefits that make them worth considering. Here's a look at how these countertops are made and the qualities that make quartzite a good countertop material.

Quartzite Is Natural Stone

Quartzite is mined from the earth. It's a natural stone formed out of sandstone it is under pressure and heat. Quartzite countertops are different from quartz. Quartz slabs aren't only made from natural stone. Instead, they are manufactured using bits of quartz, color pigments, and a binding agent.

Quartzite Is Custom-Made For Your Countertops

Quartzite is cut from the earth and formed into slabs. You can view the slabs to choose the color and pattern you want for your kitchen. Once you've done that, the slab is custom-fitted to your kitchen so it's the right length and openings for the sink line up properly.

Quartzite is installed in a manner similar to installing granite countertops, and since the slabs are heavy and difficult to work with, professional installation is necessary.

Quartzite Has An Attractive Appearance

Quartzite countertops are often light colors, such as white and gray. However, when iron or minerals are present in the stone, they may add green, red, pink, blue, or green colors to the slab. Since each slab is unique, you'll want to choose all the slabs you need at the same time so they have a close match in appearance.

Quartzite Is Hard And Durable

A nice advantage of quartzite is that it is a very hard stone, which makes it durable and resistant to heat damage. Plus, the countertops are usually sealed for added protection. Some types of quartzite are more porous than others, so you'll want those sealed to keep the stone from soaking up water and liquid spills.

Quartzite is easy to clean and care for, but you may need to seal the countertops every year or two to keep them looking nice. Quartzite is a luxury countertop material that gives your kitchen a glamorous look. If you want to avoid dark granite and go with a lighter stone that is durable and luxurious, quartzite might be a good choice.

The cost of quartzite countertops varies according to the quality of the stone you buy, and the cost is comparable with other types of stone. Look over all of your options and compare stone slabs in person so you can decide on the right kitchen countertops for your home. Stone countertops last a long time and you'll want to be happy with your choice for years.