Setting The Stage For Selling Your Home Without Breaking The Bank To Do It

Want to sell your house in half the time it normally takes? Set the stage for buyers. A lot of buyers have fallen prey to expectations based on the shows they see on HGTV and other channels -- they expect each home they enter to look more like a showcase than a home for sale. That can create problems for sellers whether they're still living there or not. Proper staging can be expensive. [Read More]

Showing off Your Children's Photos with Help from Interesting Frames

If you have children, chances are you take several photographs of them to remember important holidays and milestones. Many rely on the use of digital devices or cameras to capture images of their youngsters. Hard copies can then be printed at a local picture processing service or via a home printer. Displaying these photos prominently in the home will be sure to gain attention from all who visit. Here are a few ways to make photographs stand out a bit more with unique custom picture frames sure be conversation pieces within the home. [Read More]

Options For Easy DIY Installation Of New Flooring

If you're tired of looking at your current flooring, but don't want to pay for professional installation of new floors, you should consider an easy DIY option. While you probably won't be able to install hardwood floors or carpeting yourself, there are other ways to cover your floor so it looks updated and fresh. Here are some ideas. Carpet Options Carpet squares are ideal for DIY installation. You won't have to worry about stretching or creasing the carpet. [Read More]

Unique Window Treatments For Unique Windows

If you have unique-shaped windows in your home and would like to cover them with unusual window treatments, you have several options. Most windows are covered by shutters, blinds, shades, drapes, or curtains that are custom designed and created to conceal a specific window in a specific location. The following window treatments offer additional ways to cover your windows to give your home a truly distinctive look:  Wooden Window Slide - Wooden slides made out of exotic wood or weathered barn wood can be hung on extended window rods that are installed above a round, triangular, polygon, or other non-standard shaped window. [Read More]